about Rock n rope adventures

In recent years, Outdoor Rock Climbing has gone from an extreme sport to a more mainstream high-adrenaline hobby. Every year, more and more people are trying this fun and adventurous sport. Today, most places only offer indoor climbing.

With that in mind, Rock N Rope goes the extra mile by allowing our climbers to experience California’s greatest outdoors as well as:

- Create an ultra-safe environment with properly trained staff
- Expose climbers to amazing and breath-taking Californian sceneries
- Provide new climbers with adequate instruction and encouragement
- Ensure that the ‘fun factor’ is at its max in each outdoor event

Rock N Rope’s mission is to provide a fun and safe environment, in which guests of all ages can exercise, socialize, and gain rock climbing skills. By focusing on these fundamental qualities, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will introduce you the outdoors as a welcoming place for both first-time and experienced climbers. Safety is our Number One priority. All of Rock N Rope’s instructors will perform a detailed safety check before any climb.

meet the founder

Originally from Brazil, our main guide Roger the founder of Rock N Rope Adventures, has always been in search of the perfect spot for all his outdoor rock climbing and mountain biking adventures. Roger’s passion for the sport is so strong that he felt compelled to share his enthusiasm with others. Since 2008, Roger has taught and guided climbers through some of the most inspiring and picturesque sights in California.In addition to his amazing teaching skills, Roger is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and some French. Since 2004 in Los Angeles, Roger has also adventured out in mountaineering, snowboarding, motoX, moto velocity, skiing, surfing, kayaking, slack-lining, mountain biking, paragliding, and skydiving.
Rogerio Ramires (Roger)– TRG (Top Rope Guide certified by PCGI)– WFR (Wilderness First Responder)
Founder of Rock n Rope Adventures

First Picture of Roger Climbing 1989
Roger Ramires Rock n Rope Adventures
Rogerio Ramires Founder of Rock n Rope adventures and malibu bike guide
Rogerio Ramires
Roger and Vivi Rock n Rope Adventures
Roger and Milena his wife
Rogerio Ramires Rock n Rope Malibu
Milena and Roger Malibu California
roger and milena at red rocks las vegas
Roger get his flow fix
14 year old Roger climbing
rogerio ramires malibu bike guide

Rock N Rope always stresses Safety first. We are insured and certified by PCGI, (Professional Climb Guide Institute) and are licensed to do business in the state of California. Since 2014 in business, Rock N Rope prides itself on operating and working with rock climbers without a single injury.
Rock N Rope is also wilderness first responder certified and all guides have first aid and CPR certification.