Reppeling at Point Dume Malilbu


Whether you need to learn rappelling for an adventure, practice for a stunt job, or just want to have a fun experience, you will learn how to rappel in one of the most unique place in Los Angeles.
We offer location with a low angle and straight down rappel exit, making the experience easy to learn. If you are looking for more thrill, the west side of the rock faces the ocean and offers a vertical descend with some overhang.
mentoring session with rock n rope adventures at saddle peak


$279.00 per seSSion
Learn all you can from our head guide Roger in a private session. He's been climbing for over 30 years, with lots of experience in different scenarios.
From techniques to knots and how to properly use your gear, even if you are an experienced climber you will definitely learn something from him.
You can also learn how to lead climb, if you have top-rope experience.
Roger will contact you, check your needs and come ready for your customized session.
Packages available for multiple mentoring sessions.
learning the basics at Corpse Wall with Rock n Rope Adventures

Rock n Basics

$269.00 / $479 for 2 people
Rock N Basics is a program for those who are already climbing with a friend, but still depend on them to do all the work, like belaying, set-up anchors etc.
In this program, you will learn all the mechanics of climbing, how top-rope works, how to recognize what a safe anchor is, how to belay and lower, and also about equipment and climbing etiquette.
We strongly recommend taking this class with a climbing partner.

Anchor class

3-day course - $399.00 per person / minimum 2 people
This program consists in 3 days (it doesn't need to be consecutive days), and the goal is for you to be able to go climb outdoors on your own after the course.

Day 1 - ground training where you will learn anchor concepts, the necessary knots and equipments.
Day 2 - we will apply all that we've learned on the rock, plus:
Personal Equipment, how to safely belay outdoors, Belay escape, Climbing etiquette, Cleaning anchor and rappel.
Day 3 - On the rock at a different location. The goal for this day is for you to execute on your own all you've learned, and build anchors in different scenarios and conditions. Your guide will be there as a shadow checking and challenging your work, and you will be climbing on you own anchor for about half the session.

We strongly recommend taking this class with a climbing partner. But we can offer the same 3-day course with the mentoring rate if you want to take it on your own.