Rock n Basics

Rock n Basics

$ 175.00 USD

This is our Outdoor Rock Climbing class that is designed for adventurers who want to move a step forward into climbing. This is your opportunity to practice with professional rock climbing instructors. We provide harnesses, helmets, climbing shoes and all the necessary gear for you to get into this fun and challenging sport!

This is an all-day course that is divided into three sections:

1) 2-3 hours* of Outdoor Rock Climbing instruction and technique.
   You will learn the following:

  • Outdoor Rock Climbing safety
  • General information about different types of rock climbing
  • Fundamental techniques of Outdoor Rock Climbing
  • How to tie basic knots that are used in Outdoor Rock Climbing
  • How to operate different types of belay devices
  • Outdoor Rock Climbing language and calls
  • How to belay a climbing partner
  • And More!

2) 2-3 hours of Outdoor Rock Climbing and Belaying.

  • You will get to put all that you learned into practice!

3) Outdoor Rock Climbing and Belaying Test.

  • You will receive an Outdoor Rock Climbing and Belay Certification
    after successfully completing the test.
  • If for any reason you do not pass the test, you may re-take it at not additional cost.

The price for the full course is $175.00 per person.

*Class scheduling is based on availability and number of students.
*Minimum age is 18.
*Maximum group size is 8.

Location: Malibu

So what are you waiting for? Climb On!

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